3rd Class

Ms. Mc Sweeney’s 3rd Class

3rd class have covering the strand of Dance so far this term in PE.


Ms. Mc Sweeney’s class have been working in groups together to create their own dances. First we looked at videos of synchronised swimmers to get some ideas of how to move together in unison.
Next we created our dances under the theme of “growth” and “under the sea”. We recorded them on the school camera and watched them back in the classroom, which was very entertaining!
We have also learnt about Australia this month and created beautiful Aboriginal inspired art. We used iPads to do some research for our report writing on Australia and created coral from clay. We can’t wait to paint these this week!
Ms. Ward’s 3rd Class
3rd class have been learning all about Australia this term.

We did research on the school iPads to find out all about the animals, the weather, the cities and the history of Australia.
We also learned about Aboriginal Art and made our own masterpieces!
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