Our School

On September 1st 2014 our new school opened. It is a 24 classroom school and is amazing!
The Lighthouse (our ASD unit) has expanded, and we now have four special classes.
There are four different yards which the children play on at lunchtime.
We also have a fantastic new hall.

We have quite a few after school activities this year. They are:

Monday –        GAA/Hurling training for children from 3rd – 6th Classes

Drama classes for children from 4th – 6th Classes

Tuesday –        Ballet lessons (see reception for details)

Wednesday –  Playball lessons for children from JI- 2nd Classes

Science classes for children from 3rd Class – 5th Classes

Maths classes for children in 3rd & 4th Classes
Thursday –      Athletics training for children from 3rd – 6th Classes

Art classes for children from 2nd – 6th Class
Friday –           Hip Hop dancing for all age groups (see reception for details)
All children from 1st – 6th Classes have the opportunity to attend swimming lessons for one term every year.

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