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Using Laptops in First Class

In Term One, First Class C had lots of fun using laptops. We explored the keyboard and all the different letters. The children each practiced typing their names before moving on to typing sentences on Microsoft Word. It was lots of fun and the children practiced super turn-taking skills by working within their pod groups!

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Mr Mac Sweeney’s 2nd class

The boys and girls have working really hard through distance learning the last couple of weeks. They really enjoyed doing their science experiments. The first experiment the children did, was does oil separate water and washing up liquid? The children were amazed with the results. The second experiment children did at home, was finding out […]

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6th Class B- The Persistence of Memory

6th Class B studied the work of the famous artist Salvador Dali and surrealism. Surrealism images or artwork explores the subconscious areas of the mind. The art often makes little sense as it is usually trying to depict a dream or some random thoughts from one’s imagination. The children designed and created their own melting […]

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3rd Class C – The Aboriginals

The boys and girls in Mr Davis’ class have been working hard and  learning about the Aboriginal people who came to Australia over 50,000 years ago. We studied their culture and their lifestyle and the changes that came when the Europeans arrived to colonise the land. The class  read Dream Time stories and even tried […]

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Fundraising News

Many thanks to everyone who donated to our sponsored “Witch Walk”. The children had lots of fun dressing up and there was a great buzz around the school on the day! We have raised €2,648 and we are very grateful for all your support. So far, we have added beautiful, colourful sensory pathways to the […]

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We were delighted to welcome all of our boys and girls back to school earlier this week. It’s fantastic having everyone back, hearing your laughing and games on the yard and seeing you learning in the classrooms again. We’d like say a huge Well Done to our new Junior Infants who have settled so well […]

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