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Ms. Halford’s Junior Infants – Music Madness!

The boys and girls in Ms. Halford’s Junior Infants are delighted to be back in school. Since our return, we have been having lots of fun exploring the fabulous new musical instruments in the school. We have been playing the wide selection of percussion instruments, boomwhackers, chime bars and chime bells. Here are some pictures […]

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Ms Walsh’s 4th Class

All the boys and girls in Ms. Walsh’s class did some incredible Winter art work in December. We experimented with different materials such as paint, pencils, oil pastels and markers to create different textures. The children also used cool blue tones to capture a frosty winter night scene and warm tones to make a cosy […]

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1st Class Ms Jordan – Tom Crean

We had lots of fun exploring the theme of ‘The Polar Regions’ in December. The students enjoyed learning about all of the different animals that live in either the Arctic or Antarctic. Also, we learned all about Tom Crean. He was an Irish explorer and was a member of 3 expeditions to the Antarctic in […]

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5th Class A Ms.Greaney All about Pompeii

In term one we were lucky enough to get to use iPads. We had been studying all about Pompeii and how it was covered by lava from the volcano Mt.Vesuvius. The class were divided into different groups and researched the different aspects of live in Pompeii including ‘The Romans’ , what they eat, how they […]

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Our ideas of beauty

As part of our SPHE lessons in 6th class we looked at ideas of beauty and did a study of Vogue magazine covers over the decades. We noticed how style and fashion has changed over the years but we also noticed that a lot of things have stayed the same and we wanted to change […]

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