🚀 Ms. Cahill’s First Class are out of this World!🚀

All of the amazing boys and girls in Ms. Cahill’s First Class have been working so hard at home.

We blasted off to a great start in the New Year- We learned about Space.

The children boarded their rockets and began their virtual learning adventure in Space by exploring the 8 planets in our solar system. We then jumped into our time machines and learned about Apollo 11 and the life of the famous astronaut, Neil Armstrong. We wondered how Earth has ‘day’ and ‘night’. The superstars in First Class B made and presented their brilliant projects on Seesaw which answered our investigation question ‘How does Earth have Day and Night?’. We got creative and made spaceships and rockets using recycled items from our homes. We tried out a cool rocket experiment at home using only string, a balloon, a straw and sellotape, it was great fun! Some of the boys and girls made delicious moon and star biscuits!

Maith sibh Rang a 1 B, is réaltaí sibh! ⭐️




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