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3rd Class

Ms. Mc Sweeney

In January Ms. Mc Sweeney’s 3rd class were learning about Australia and the native Aboriginals. We spend time reading books from the library about Australia, creating reports and then a final draft of writing to display in the classroom. We created paintings inspired by Ayers rock, boomerangs and Australian animals like kangaroos, snakes and dingoes. We used dots to imitate traditional aboriginal art.


This month we are excited to learn about Spain!

Ms. O’ Mullane

Ms. O’Mullane’s 3rd class have been working very hard ! From learning to play cricket, excelling in tables, finishing our second novel ‘The Iron Man’, learning all about fractions and completing our irish homework online we sure have been busy!

Some of our highlights are learning all about the provinces and counties of Ireland and challenging ourselves to complete maps using our atlases. We learnt a song about the counties of Ireland to help us remember all the counties in Ireland.

For Valentines day we studied artist Wassily Kadinsky and explored colour mixing and playing with light and shade. We created some very beautiful colours and really enjoyed making these wonderful creations.

We have also traveled back in time to all about Life in a Monastery in the 6th century. We were very interested in learning about round towers and created our own round towers using clay.

We look forward to painting these.

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