5th Class A Ms.Greaney All about Pompeii

In term one we were lucky enough to get to use iPads. We had been studying all about Pompeii and how it was covered by lava from the volcano Mt.Vesuvius. The class were divided into different groups and researched the different aspects of live in Pompeii including ‘The Romans’ , what they eat, how they dressed, where they lived. Mt. Vesuvius – facts about the volcano, dates, how long it erupted for, how the ash clouds covered the city and finally all about Pompeii – where is Pompeii located, surrounding cities, the damages of the volcano on Pompeii and life in Pompeii now. Each group presented the part of the project they researched and as a class we discussed all the new things that we learned about Pompeii.

We also completed an art activity and sketched erupting volcanoes.

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