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Friends for Life in 5th Class

On Friday, Mr Davis’s 5th class A  and Ms. O’ Mahoney’s 5th class C celebrated completion of the Friends for Life programme. Each child received a certificate and we enjoyed the good weather by having an extended golden time playing ball games out on yard. During Friends for Life the children learned about how to […]

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Wild Wool Weaving in 5th Class A

Mr Davis’ 5th Class have been very busy in art exploring fabric and fibre. We first began by looking at the art of weaving which we learned is the process of making fabric or cloth by arranging yarns at right angles to one another. We practised this by weaving various colours of crepe paper through […]

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Mr Mac Sweeney’s 2nd class

The boys and girls have working really hard through distance learning the last couple of weeks. They really enjoyed doing their science experiments. The first experiment the children did, was does oil separate water and washing up liquid? The children were amazed with the results. The second experiment children did at home, was finding out […]

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3rd Class C – The Aboriginals

The boys and girls in Mr Davis’ class have been working hard and  learning about the Aboriginal people who came to Australia over 50,000 years ago. We studied their culture and their lifestyle and the changes that came when the Europeans arrived to colonise the land. The class  read Dream Time stories and even tried […]

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Covid-19 School Update

I hope that this email finds you all well and that each of you enjoyed some aspect of the Easter break as you continue in your efforts to stay safe during this most difficult time. It’s certainly not the beginning of our final term that was envisaged when we started the school year, however, the […]

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2nd Class

Happy New Year from Ms. Brett’s Second Class! We cut up coloured paper to create 2020 mosaics. It was messy but lots of fun. Looking forward to all the exciting times that are coming in 2020. Ms. Walshes 2nd Class This is our Winter Art work, we used chalk on black paper to create a […]

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5th Class

Ms. Woods’ 5th class had a fun filled day on Friday the 25th of October. Well done to all the children for the fantastic effort they put into their costumes. Ms. Woods had quite the challenge figuring out who’s who!! Ms. O’Brien’s 5th class have been studying the life and work of Vincent Van Gogh. We […]

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