Exploring hobbies in Ms. McNamara’s Junior Infants

Junior Infants have been very busy learning through play this term! Our theme for November is hobbies and the children have loved exploring the cinema and campsite through play! Here are some pictures of the children in action!

The Cinema:

We used stick puppets to act out the movies

We queued up to buy our tickets and snacks, then enjoyed the show

We made jigsaws, built with blocks and played in the small world area

We even made popcorn art using real pieces of popcorn, yum!

The Campsite:

Having fun in the tent!

Checking off the camping checklist

We explored light/dark by making animal shadows with our hands

We had lots of fun playing in the different play stations

We also made campfire art using our handprints and s’mores from lollipop sticks!

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