Friends for Life in 5th Class

On Friday, Mr Davis’s 5th class A  and Ms. O’ Mahoney’s 5th class C celebrated completion of the Friends for Life programme. Each child received a certificate and we enjoyed the good weather by having an extended golden time playing ball games out on yard. During Friends for Life the children learned about how to remain brave and confident when dealing with things that make us sad, angry or anxious. Over 10 sessions we looked at coping step plans, focussing on positive self thought and how to recognise our body clues which tell us how we are feeling.

We hope the children continue to practice these skills and remember the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. acronym as they move to 6th class

  • Feelings.
  • Remember to Relax. Have quiet time.
  • I can do it! I can try (Inner helpful thoughts)
  • Explore Solutions and Coping Step Plans.
  • Now reward yourself! You’ve done your best!
  • Don’t forget to practice.
  • Smile! Stay calm, Stay Strong and talk to your support networks!


Well done to all the boys and girls for all their hard work!

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