YAY we love to PLAY in Junior Infants!

Since September the junior infants have been busy learning through play every day! Even though our toys had to be cleaned or quarantined regularly, this did not stop us from doing playtime everyday! Each fortnight our play is centred around a theme that we are learning about. The students always surprise me when they build amazing things using blocks, Lego, stickle bricks and mobilo. They enjoy sensory play with play-doh, water, sand, and rice and being creative with Junk Art. They really enjoy engaging in hands-on fine motor skills activities too. Their imagination is in full flow during pretend play when they are pretending to be the shop keeper at the till, the chef cooking a nice meal in the kitchen or a waitress taking someone’s order. They love to build, make, create, explore and use their imagination through play. After all, play is the work of the child. 🙂 Here are some photos of the students in Ms. McInerney’s class learning through play.



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