School Closures

I hope that this finds you well as you begin to navigate these very challenging times with your family and loved ones. It is regrettable that our children cannot come to school at the moment and as a staff St Mary’s have been working very hard to figure out how to best support the children as they continue their education at home.

The teachers have worked together to provide guidance on the educational activities which would have taken place in school over the next week and have included many suggested links to websites/apps/clips to help bring these topics to life in the home. These will be emailed to you on Monday.

As a school we fully appreciate that there may be questions that children and their parents may have in relation to this work and we have decided to use the SeeSaw app to connect with families during this time. This should allow children to submit work to their teacher individually also. We will send a further email with log in details etc over the coming days. For those of you who may not be able to access the app the work will also be emailed directly and you can contact me via email ( should you have any questions.

I also want to point out that we at St Mary’s are fully aware that working through these activities/lessons at home will simply not be possible for many households as parents are working from home themselves, caring for loved ones/younger siblings and may not have access to devices for their children. I want to emphasize that the work suggested can be used as a set of ideas to support families and is not intended to add any additional stress to the home at this difficult time. When children return to school the teachers working with them will ensure that they are provided with the required learning experiences and so please do not feel under pressure to complete the work in its entirety.

I want to acknowledge the rich learning experiences which are already provided in the home for children and the value of sharing stories, board games, jigsaws, Lego, football, baking etc with family. Rest assured that through these everyday interactions you are already catering to a whole range of your child’s educational needs; sometimes the most significant learning is incidental.

Kind Regards


Suzanne Olwill


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