Team Lighthouse!

Team Lighthouse


We are a team of 5 teachers and

9 special needs assistants working

with 24 children with Austistic

Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our

classrooms are part of St. Mary’s

National School Saggart, Co. Dublin.


The children are aged between 3 and 11 years and have mixed abilities.


Children with ASD work best in a structured environment. They have an individualized learning programme and work for ‘rewards’ i.e. time on an electronic device or time to play with their favourite toy.

Some children access the mainstream classroom for lessons. Some are working towards a full integration. Likewise, we have mainstream children with ASD come down to the lighthouse to use the facilities.


Children with ASD can be sensory seekers and may require time in a sensory room/area with dimmed lights/relaxing music etc. We have one sensory room and one chill out room on our premises.

Some children may need movement breaks and benefit from activities on a peanut ball/trampoline or outdoor activities etc. We have one activity hall with age and ability appropriate equipment and a separate yard for our children.


We opened our first ASD class in 2009 and in 2013 three more classrooms were added when we got a new school building.

Every year we are adding more resources and equipment to our existing repertoire. Some are bought from existing funds and some have been donated to us or fundraised. We are very grateful for all donations and fundraisers.


Please check the website for updates on Team Lighthouse.

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