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6th Class

Rua Red Visit

In October my class and I went to Rua Red. Rua Red is an art gallery in Tallaght Village. It was a very fun day. Every there was very polite and it was a really nice place. I enjoyed every part of it and hope to visit again soon. My favourite part was the room in which we did some art. It had an amazing view of Tallaght from it. For the art we drew something of our choice and cut it out. They had plenty of supplies. The cool part of the art was that we were meant to choose one part to be movable. To do that we had to cut a part off our character, we then took a fastener and impaled a part of the cut out that we wanted the moveable part to be at, then connected them. The place is amazing, you should visit sometime!


By Urte Lisauskaite

Science Day 2019

St Mary’s ‘Science Week’ was all about learning how something worked. The main part of science week was the ‘Science Circuit’. This specific day allowed the students to learn and create their experiments. The experiments were showcased in the hall for other students to see. Two children from each class went down to the hall to showcase their experiments.

Some experiments included the 3 r’s (reduce, reuse, recycle), the whirling disc (separating white light into the colours of the rainbow), what plants need to grow and more. While looking at experiments, some classes did a quiz on some of the experiments; the quiz had around 17 questions for the students to work on.

This was St Mary’s ‘Science Week’ in 2019.

By Evita Tumynaite

During November, 6th class worked really hard to learn off all of the countries in Europe and their capitals. We did work in class and did lots of study at home for Friday tests on Europe.

In class we used programmes on the iPads to test our knowledge of European geography.

We found https://online.seterra.com/en/vgp/3007 very useful. Thankfully we all have a much better understanding of our European geography and can place almost every country in Europe.

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