Christmas concert

Christmas Concert

On Tuesday the 17th of December, St. Mary’s annual Christmas concert took place. This winter’s latest annual proved yet again to be one of the biggest and most exciting school events of the year. Festive cheer and a special anticipation was in the air as the Junior and Senior Infants took to the stage first. Following Junior Infants’ medley of Christmas carols and old festive favourites, the Senior Infants adaptation of the Nativity set the day up for the dramatic action that was to follow. It was then the turn of the first classes to thread the boards. Parents, guardians, friends and elations all converged on St Marys P.E hall which was transformed into an acting amphitheatre for the day. The coffee and tea dock and tuck shop gleefully manned by Parents Association members kept everyone fuelled for what is a marathon production of Christmas plays and musicals.

With the morning giving way to the afternoon, the second, third and fourth classes took to the stage and treated the packed audience to traditional nativity pieces and other festive stories with each classes own personal touch. The jingles and individual acts throughout kept spectators on the edges of their seats.

As the afternoon continued, the more inventive scripts and stage acts came to the fore in the 5th and 6th class performances. Plenty of home-grown characters featured in scenes that captured the imagination and tickled the funny bones of the assembled crowd with the 6th class plays bringing an end to a marathon day of dramatic production.

As always the great cooperation, hard work and endeavour of all the class teachers, their link support teachers and Mr Breen’s stage and sound work must be commended in putting together another successful Christmas concert.

Happy Christmas to all the St Marys N.S school community for 2019.

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