Exploring SESE through Art – 5th Class B


The children in 5th B have been developing their knowledge of history, geography and science through colourful expression!

Term 2 and 3 have been exciting journeys of discovery for us. We have learned about the development of modern trade after the discoveries of South American civilisiations, like the Inca of Peru.


We have learned how trade has developed in modern times. We investigated some helpful intiatives like FAIRTRADE and others. Since so much of our food and treats come from around the world, it is good to learn how it all gets here!

Geography and Science

In recent weeks we have been learning about the weather and how we are affected by it. How do we harness or use weather to our advantage? How can it help us or hinder us? Most importantly, we wanted to show the beauty and colour that can be seen on any given day!



Be on the lookout for more great artwork and projects from 5th class B!


From 5th B and Mr Maguire

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