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Studying Print in 6th Class C

Mr Davis’ class has been very busy studying print in Art. During the Autumn we looked at wallpaper designs created by the artist William Morris, which feature different print designs of flowers and plants. We attempted to create our own print, inspired by Morris, using the Autumn leaves that had fallen from the trees. We […]

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Friends for Life in 5th Class

On Friday, Mr Davis’s 5th class A  and Ms. O’ Mahoney’s 5th class C celebrated completion of the Friends for Life programme. Each child received a certificate and we enjoyed the good weather by having an extended golden time playing ball games out on yard. During Friends for Life the children learned about how to […]

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Mr Davis 5th Class Clay

The boys and girls in 5th Class A have been very busy working with clay. First, we examined how famous sculptors have used clay in the past and then we experimented with the properties of clay as we planned our individual art pieces. Before we started making our sculptures we drew a plan and labelled […]

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Wild Wool Weaving in 5th Class A

Mr Davis’ 5th Class have been very busy in art exploring fabric and fibre. We first began by looking at the art of weaving which we learned is the process of making fabric or cloth by arranging yarns at right angles to one another. We practised this by weaving various colours of crepe paper through […]

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3rd Class C – The Aboriginals

The boys and girls in Mr Davis’ class have been working hard and  learning about the Aboriginal people who came to Australia over 50,000 years ago. We studied their culture and their lifestyle and the changes that came when the Europeans arrived to colonise the land. The class  read Dream Time stories and even tried […]

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